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Department of California Bylaws

Updated April 14th, 2008
The KWVA Department of California received its Charter at the KWVA Annual Membership Meeting in Reno, Nevada on October 25, 2007.  Within an hour, California members present and one (1) guest from the Lone Star State of Texas, (Ed Buckman from Chapter 270) convened to have our first post-charter meeting.  Ed Buckman was present, he indicated, because he had been present at the birth of more than one Texas Chapter, and its Department, and didn't want to miss ours.   We were and are honored. We had help before and after from Texas folk.

One of the orders of business was the acceptance of the Bylaws which had been completed by and had received approval by interim Department officers on July 15, 2007.

In addition to the Bylaws as they stand today, the document has our Mission Statement, embedded in the Preamble.

These Bylaws and its Preamble are not perfect, but they are a beginning, for California Members to make whatever adjustments they may feel necessary to make it more useful.

The following copy may be viewed, printed and or downloaded to your computer for future printing or viewing by clicking on the following links:

Comments and/or questions are welcome.  Please feel free to contact either:

Mike Glazzy, President
KWVA Department of California
Email: mglazzy@sbcglobal.net
KWVA Member #LR05656


George Lawhon, Webmaster, Secretary
KWVA Department of California
KWVA Member #LR18750


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