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What will the National
Korean War Veterans Association
look like in 2020?

If you’re asking about membership, about chapters, about departments, I foresee opportunities for major growth in California and the western states.

California, a sentinel state, always out front, envisions active leadership in organizing the thirteen states west of the continental divide.  These environs have provided in the past little or no representation in contributing to the governance of the National KWVA.  This can be resolved by actively engaging in state and regional membership recruitments; of both the war and service veterans; formation of state chapters and departments, and the selection and active promotion of candidates for National offices.

This western states region has an estimated 800,000 resident Korean War veterans with California having a resident population of 430,800, according to the 2000 VA Census.  California leads the Nation in resident Korean War veterans.  The resident DMZ Service veteran demographics are not known at this time.

One of the constants of life we all have to face is the relentless passage of time. Most of the Korean War Veterans are in their 70’s. If the organization is to survive, and grow, the Service Veterans will have to make a major contribution.

Frankly put, they are the future.

The KWVA Department of California envisions the use of the internet and telecommunications as an effective means of overcoming the expanse within California and among the western region states, to promote more efficient recruitment programs, form new chapters and state departments and most importantly, help other departments with the design and construction of their websites and links to each other.

In particular, we plan to push for a National-supported dedicated web server to provide all Departments with bandwidth and software for a Department website. We will do our part in offering help, perhaps a template website for them to start, and whatever bylaw and procedural changes would be required with which the Board of Directors can debate, guide and decide.

Mike Glazzy, Commander
Department of California


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