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THIS JUST IN: February 7, 2008

Recently, California Department President Mike Glazzy and friends took advantage of an offer to visit a ROK naval vessel anchored in San Pedro Harbor. A short account of that visit was submitted to The Graybeards magazine, and can be seen here: San Pedro Visit.


Mike Glazzy will give the California Department's First Annual State of the State Message, hopefully in February. If you have any questions, or issues you wished to be addressed, now is the time to write him, at his Email address: mglazzy@sbcglobal.net

On Page 66 of the November-December issue of The Graybeards, you will see an account of a Korean warship in San Pedro Harbor. Mike and some other veterans made a visit to the ship, attending the reception hosted by the crew. Soon we hope to put up an account of that event. (see above)

Any California chapter with an event they want to see posted to this website, please call me at 408-734-0305 to arrange it.  We haven't done it before, so we'll feel our way together.

On Page 70 of the November-December issue of The Graybeards, you will find a guest editorial addressing an important issue facing the Korean War Veterans Association.

Any comments you might have regarding that issue (or the editorial itself) will be appreciated.

George Lawhon
Email: george@lawhon.org

Added March 15, 2008

HEY...Check out the new patch that Joe Velasquez of Chapter 6 designed:

Korean War Vet Patch


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