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The Department of California received on Thursday August 9th a communication from Captain Chung, samman ROKN Naval Attaché of the Korean Embassy - Washington, DC regarding the arrival of Korean War ships at the port of San Pedro, California on Tuesday November 27th. Captain Chung's communication informed the department that the ships formed the Cruise Training Fleet for the 62nd Naval Academy Midshipmen, arriving from visiting ports in New York and Baltimore.

Rear Admiral Yim, Chul-Soon would be in command of his midshipmen in training to become the bulwarks of international views and to foster these midshipmen with leadership. Additionally, the training will contribute to informing the world of ROK's significant development and national power as well.

The Admiral, ships officers and midshipmen hosted a "Korean War Veterans Day" reception on board the destroyer Chungmugong Yisunshin (DDH 750). Cadets formed an honor guard to usher Korean War and DMZ Service veterans with their wives, as they were "piped" on board the Chungmugong.

Comradeship was evident as we stepped on board the fantail to engage in the "mix and mingle" with civilian dignitaries and VIP's, and the cadets were at our beckoned call for libations and hors d'oeuvres. The buffet was excellent followed by plaque presentations and contemporary professional musical entertainment.

Point-of-contact Mike and Lis Glazzy thank the following veterans and their wives for traveling up to 400 miles to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime reception: Margarito Delgadillo, Ylario Delgadillo, Salvador Perez, Reynaldo Sanchez, John Suzuki, Louis Torres, Marshall & Carol Anderson, James & Darlene Byrne, Thomas & Debby Courbat, Russell & Debra Donovan, William & Ann Mynatt, David & Eva Williams.

Mike Glazzy, President
KWVA Department of California
Email: mglazzy@sbcglobal.net

A plaque was given to the visiting party in honor of the event:

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